Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brunch @ Farm House Cafe - Part One

One lazy Saturday morning had turned out somewhat productive after all.
During a first visit to my newest neighborhood addition, Farm House Café, I had discovered..

..Eggs en Cocotte. ($8)

Never heard until this day but I'm so glad now I know.
Eggs and a bit of cream baked in a ramekin to medium. The version here at Farm House also had Prosciutto and Mushrooms.

The country potatoes (Pommes de Terre Rissol) on the side had a nice herb and garlic flavor. Crispy edges and fluffy tater center.
I also ordered Chicken Apple Sausages on the side. After all, no breakfast is complete for me without some form of cured meat. :)

The portion may have been on the small side but I found the fact my meal didn't make me take a nap right after rather refreshing.

In fact quite inspired. The simple and yummy Eggs en Cocotte. I can really go to town with this concept. I imagine anything you'd put in an omelet can be fair game. I'm even willing to challenge Yakisoba or Ketchup Rice. Anyone?

Farm House Cafe, 2121 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

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