Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch @ Rocky's Crown Pub

Friday night and I'm reflecting my lunch highlight of the week passed.
A hump day work group visit to Rocky's Crown Pub.

RCP seems out of the way from any which direction of San Diego you may happen to be coming from (unless you work in PB) but the experience well worth if you make it.

The burger here takes time but for good reason. Just look at the patty! A hockey puck. And this is only their 1/3 pounder. This weekday special is certainly a bargain with fries and a pint of domestic draft for $9.50.

I found the beef a finer grind. Juicy, good meaty flavor, and the right amount of cheese imo, all fused into one cohesive meld. It is simple. It is good. It is the Rocky's Burger.

A 1/2 pounder is available, but for some two 1/3 pounders seem to be the choice for a "large order."

I only salt my burger here but I like to drench the light fluffy fries with ketchup. [The kitchen where the magic happens.]

If you've never been for lunch, I suggest to come early and order fast. Oh and don't forget to bring cash.

Rocky's Crown Pub, 3786 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109

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