Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Instant Ramen Noodle Diary

Having a dedicated website I found Tontantin on youtube while collecting fun food related videos a while back.

I love that each review is only, and exactly only 30 secs. It gets to the point quickly and the style reflects the nature of the reviewed product at hand, an uncomplicated visual snack if you will while still managing to be very informative. The fact he adds cabbage and a link sausage or two to the meals is charming and probably actually reflects a truer real life scenario of how these instant ramen packs are consumed day to day.

While his actual occupation is unknown, he seems to be quite a crafty musician where original theme music are created for each one of his several hundred reviews (+500 last I checked).

Many non-Japanese brands are featured from all around Asia and the Americas. While I don't have a favorite, I find this new release of a back home classic quite sentimental...

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