Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Chopstick Needs a Rest

Well here I go.. The first post is usually awkward. I'll keep it simple. I was at Tajima today (food portion of blog to come) making my usual Crane Chopstick Rest out of the paper sleeve. It's one of those cool things that only looks harder than it is so go impress some friends!

A) Fold sleeve in half and proceed how you would a paper plane.
B) Fold once again still in paper plane mode.
C) Fold one half of the dangling leg straight up (key is to be straight).
D) Fold down about 1/4".
E) Repeat process until you reach the end.
F) Repeat process C~E for the other half.
G) Collect all the bellows together and pinch as shown.
H) Overlap the two halves to create a continuous fan shape.
I) Fold point to create beak. Rest your chopsticks.

Done. Ta-daa! Or, Ja-Jaaan..


Cecil said...

I will definitely try this next time I go out for sushi!

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - Very cool...too bad with my fumbly fingers, there ain't no way my version would ever look like yours!

Dennis said...

Cool Cecil! You can also float it in your miso soup.. jk.

Thanks Kirkk! It's a bit easier with the thin paper kind.