Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spam Musubi, A Good Wrap

I've had a few Spam Musubis in my lifetime but I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this version during my first visit to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue in La Jolla.

Wow it looks almost.. DESIGNED.

Part Oshizushi, part Futomaki..

..part Gunkanmaki..

The rice was cast to the shape of the fried spam slice and sandwiched with a light layer of Teriyaki. Together with the Nori it created a taut, attractive, rectangular food product. I have to say I love it.

Best if consumed right away while the Nori is crispy.. So admire it briefly and keep photo taking to a minimum.

In sharp contrast, the Portuguese Sausage, Eggs and Rice plate was a complete chaos. But to me wonderful in its own way, like colliding galaxies.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, 4150 Regents Park Row, La Jolla, CA 92037

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