Friday, July 25, 2008

A Poached Egg Sandwich @ Cafe 2121

I really like poached eggs. If I didn't order my usual Eggs Over-Easy for breakfast my next choice would probably be a Bennie of some kind. So I was pretty excited when I found Cafe 2121 a few months back and their Presto Pesto Eggs Sandwich. Two poached eggs between a Toasted French Roll with some Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Spring Greens, Pesto Sauce and Feta Cheese.

This day was my second visit and I had to order it again..

You can imagine it would be a bit messy (I bit the other end..).

But to me just perfectly yum-awesome in its simplicity.

Why can't I have a Breakfast Burrito like this? On a previous visit to Roberto's off El Cajon, my simple request of asking if they would cook my eggs over-easy instead of the usual scrambled was denied by a quick "Sorry, we don't cook it that way.." reply.

In contrast the owners of Cafe 2121 seemed genuinely interested in what would make me happy. A free sampling of Russian Pretzels? Sure!
The place is located in a rather dry strip of Adams Ave (University Heights/Normal Heights border) but quickly becoming a destination for me for what they offer.

Handmade meals like this hearty soup with nice flavors that only something made from scratch can have.

All sandwiches here come with a side choice of Spring Mix Salad with Strawberries, Fruit, Homemade Potato Chips or Soup of the Day. Today it was Lentils and Potatoes (just missed the last order of yesterday's Chicken Dumplings..).

Good food takes time so you might wait a bit but for me a small price to pay.

And fortunately only a small price you will actually pay with the complete meal you see below for $7.50. What a bargain. :)

Cafe 2121, 2736 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA, 92116

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