Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cafe Latte Arte

I only recently discovered how neat Latte Art can be. Most vids I found were two years old so I guess I'm latte to the game. ..sorry couldn't help myself.
Here's a sampling..

You have your quick technique double hearts..

to the more elaborate, like this Baby Elephant Blowing Chocolate..

This wabbit is cute too.

A quick slide show. I personally like the cartoony faces.

I never drank a-latte-Lattes but now it's too fun not to. I am SO going to create my own. Perhaps my first video post is on its way. Better latte than never.


L'aura L said...

There are a few cafes up in LA that do latte art, but nothing fancy-just hearts and rosettas. If you find any in SD, please share!

Dennis said...

Maybe most people here just want their coffee and to scoot.. But if I find any I certainly will!