Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fiori's, The Anti-Bronx

Fiori's Pizza & Deli, Fiori's Liquor & Pizza, Fiori's Deli & Spirits. I haven't figured out the official name of this place but I've always known it as Fiori's, the liquor store with the adorable Pizza Paddle Sign.

Pizza and booze go together and if you happen to smoke you're in luck cause they would deliver that too.

The affordable Pizza here comes whole or by the slice. Every one tossed and twirled and made by hand.

The pizza is greasy, that's no secret. But it's the type that is good with a brewsky or two.

The type that remains good when cold the next day..

And for some, the type that is good eaten while riding a bicycle. :)

Fiori's, 3981 Eagle St, San Diego, CA, 92101


L'aura said...

Ok, this is too weird. I was just considering a San Diego pizza run this last weekend. Gas prices suck-bookmarked for next time!

Dennis said...

Haha, guess the cheap pizza doesn't quite help offset the price of gas. I don't think they deliver to L.A. either.. ;)