Thursday, July 31, 2008

Go Go El Borrego!

What you are seeing here is a taco I put together at El Borrego, a restaurant off of El Cajon Blvd in City Heights that specializes in Lamb Barbacoa. (Part Two can be found here.)

Although I've had and enjoyed their Barbacoa Tacos in the past, what I like the most so far is their Mixiote - $12. (Update 06/09: Menu uploaded here.)

The Mixiote is a Lamb Shank slow cooked with Mexican herbs and spices. Comes with all the condiments seen and a hot stack of handmade tortillas.
Pictures can say a thousand words but in this case three will do.

Fall Off the Bone. (ok four)

Great to share but a hungry adult wouldn't have much trouble finishing an entire order. A hungry adult = Me, btw..

Especially when you consider the different variations of tacos you can make.
The very first large picture with the fresh Salsa Rojo and a generous amount of chopped onions and cilantro; directly above was with the extremely fresh Salsa Verde; and the third, with only the Lamb Mixiote and a drizzle of its own drippings. Mmm.

I've heard many mention the meats here come unseasoned with salt which I find true. I think that's why a large metal salt shaker is provided at every table. An easy remedy.

I really enjoyed my Apple Soda ($1.99) in between breaks. But it wasn't for long until I was back creating more tacos. Another "Wish you were here.." shot.

The Bean Soup with Tortilla Strips I had last was surprisingly good. This day I had the Lamb Broth ($2.25).

You can't see but it has Garbanzo Beans, Rice, and Chunks of Barbacoa. As I was finishing my soup I browsed the menu again to see what I can have my next visit.
The Lamb Especial sounds fun.. 1 Lamb Taco, 1 Rolled Taco, 1 Quesadilla with Nopal Salad and Rice.

The El Borrego Restaurant. Great Lamb dishes that never make you say
"ba-a-a-ah". :)

El Borrego Restaurant, 4280 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

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L'aura L said...

That looks unbelieveably good. I wonder where I can scrounge up some lamb action up here!