Sunday, July 6, 2008

How I Like To Roll @ Pho Hoa

A Vietnamese-American friend of mine turned me to Pho Hoa a couple years ago and it made me realize how great Pho can be. I now have Pho Fever. I've since tried a few other places in SD, all good, and I'm far from an expert but I still seem to like Pho Hoa's the best.

Today I had a small order of their special (Dac Biet). As usual it came out in minutes.

I can't list all the types of meat it was topped with because the menu was briskly taken away after ordering.. But I know Tripe and Tendon were a few as with the Rare Steak. I'll spare you the zoomed image of the Tripe. ;)

If you feel the Steak is too rare for you, you can let it sit in the broth for a while and it won't take long to cook through. I like mine rare since it's much more tender that way. I think the one photo over is the Tendon. Surprisingly soft.

This broth is what I like most here. I find it stronger than most places and the aroma of spices at the right amount to match.

The veggie toppings, of course. You have your Super Basil, Saw Leaf Herb and sliced hot peppers.. all very important.

Never was a huge fan of Bean Sprouts but a light squeeze of Lime is nice.

But my favorite condiment (if you can call it that) is this here Oil with Scallions..

I wish I can tell you its actual name (I didn't want be rude asking the server to repeat it for the third time). The scallions are still quite raw but the flavor to the oil it infuses is very yummy. In fact I scoop a few generous spoonfuls of it into my Pho. Whether that is unorthodox or not I can't really say, but I will never frown at another person pouring Soy Sauce into their Miso Soup ever again.. It's just the way I like to roll here at Pho Hoa.. :)

So what I end up with is something like this!

As you can see the broth is glistening gold. Heaven.
Come to think that's all I add really. I don't touch the rooster Sriracha or the sweet hoisin sauce.

The total was $6.20 today (don't forget to bring cash) including tax and although I don't remember the price of my Pho, the oil I asked for didn't add much to the bill if any. This definitely makes it a must try if you haven't already.

So let's see, I don't know all that was in my Dac Biet, I can't remember it's price, I don't know the actual name of the oil or its ingredients.. This is turning out to be quite an uninformative post. Oh well, but if I simply inspired anyone to use that oil, my mission is accomplished I guess. :)

(Update: I've since documented Pho Hoa's menu which can be found here.)

Pho Hoa, 4717 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


anh duong said...

the scallions real name is nuoc beo. that means literally fatty water, or oil.

Dennis said...

Thanks Anh! I guess I like my water very fatty!