Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lunching @ Sammy Sushi

A sign reads "Sammy Sushi is open for lunch!" Not sure how long it has been but in any case that's a really good thing for me.

I find Sammy's sushi simply fresh and never over-embellished. The way I like. And on top Sammy is just the most easy going fun Itamae that makes visiting always a pleasure.

When I think of Sammy Sushi, I probably think of Ahi Poke the most. I'm a Sammy Poke repeater.

Sometimes I seriously just wanted to put it over a bowl of steaming white rice and make a Sammy Poke-don.

And so on one of my visits I came up with the courage to ask and I did!

The Sammy Ahi Poke-don..

Hope Sammy didn't mind my odd request. An inspiration I would casually do at home but in a proper sushi restaurant it honestly felt a little naughty. It was really good though as I imagined with every ounce of Poke goodness captured by the bed of plain rice.

Another repeat of mine is the Sushi Combination ($12.99). A sampling of the freshest Sammy has to offer with 5-pcs of California Roll. So naturally what you get slightly changes day to day.

Although I do have favorites, I would say my most favorite sushi is usually the freshest sushi so the combo is always a hit.

When you order from the Lunch menu you can get one Hand Roll for only $2.50!

I like when Sammy hands it to me over the counter. I feel like a kid at an Ice Cream Truck being handed a treat. Big smiles.

The Miso Soup is just perfect, and I really enjoy the starter salad too.

I'm still relatively a Sammy Sushi newbie but to think more Sammy Surprises awaits to be discovered, that's not a bad thing. :)

Sammy Sushi, 7905 Engineer Rd, San Diego, CA 92111


KirkK said...

Yes, Sam will make anything to please a customer. He's been open for lunch for a couple of months....because of all the aborted attempts before, this time he decided to keep it quiet until he's decided it will be permanent. You gotta try the live uni when he has it.....

L'aura L said...

Aha! Pictures of the infamous poke-don! I would feel a bit naughty if I asked for that too, but it looks so good. Maybe they'll wisen up and add it to the menu.

Dennis said...

Thanks Kirk! I hope Sammy stays open for lunch. I don't go out much for dinner. I'll definitely try the live uni! yum.

Thanks L'aura! I don't know, I might have weird taste, but at least I know I can have it again if I get the craving. Cheers!

L'aura L said...

What's this about live uni? If you try that Dennia, I'd love to see pics!

Dennis said...

Of course Laura! Maybe even a video of the moving tentacles!