Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The MOS Burger Re-Creation Project Update..

I think about you MOS Burger.. I think about you a lot.

[An early morning delivery snapshot I managed to take before heading off to work in 2005..]

Oh what may they be!? The mattari Teriyaki Sauce? Their perfectly golden spongy buns?? Turns out it was just some replenishments of Fry Oil and Oolong Tea.. Couldn't figure out the third box in the back but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a tub of Japanese Mayonnaise. :)

I was surprised though when I found out from friends who read a recently published book that the founder of MOS Burger in Japan was inspired by nothing more than our very own L.A.'s Tommy's Burger. (Unfortunately I can't find any online documentation on this so you'll have to trust me for now..)

A surprise because although you do end up with a saucy mess by the time you're done.. And although both do without lettuce but instead sport a thick slice of fresh Tomato.. The Chili on top of an Original Tommy's Burger hardly resembles MOS' Meat Sauce which makes the MOS Burger a MOS Burger.

As far as I can tell this meat sauce on a burger concept is a Japanese original. Even Freshness Burger adopted it as a model for their self named Freshness Burger. Sounds weird and some may find the paring strange, but when you grow up with strange things, and the strange thing is suddenly deprived from you, the strange can suddenly become a craving.

The MOS Burger's MOS Burger..

It seems so easy. The image from their website even comes with instructions! As to almost taunt me with a challenge "come on try it if you can..".
Ok, I'm thinking way too much, but this sauce is very hard to describe. Although officially called the Meat Sauce, I don't recall it having any texture of meat at all. More of a slightly sweet Tomatoey Goo. Not purely a tomato sauce with tones of Demi Glace (my personal description). It's somewhere in the middle.

My first attempt to re-create this failed miserably. I took some jars of organic pasta sauce (without Italian herbs) and Japanese Demi Glace concentrate, simmered it for as long as it took for the flavors to meld together. It was ki...nda in the ball park but in no way did I feel like I was eating a MOS Burger.

I hate to say but it needed to be more Generic tasting.. So I'm hoping one of these might do the trick with a few tweaks.

I'll let you know. FYI, I'm going to use a plain In-N-Out as the donor burger for now. First things first and I need to get the sauce right.
I'll go all out from there but until then, if you see some guy at In-N-Out with a tupperware filled with Tomatoey Goo.. That'd be me! :)


larry wolfe said...

what are you using for a bun??

Dennis K. said...

Hi Larry! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I honestly haven't gotten that far yet but for now I've been using single In-N-Out as donor burgers, ordered without sauce. I find it similar in size and the texture of the bun always has the all important crispy edges. Finding a mild mayo has been a challenge too. I found Kewpie much too tart. MOS seems to use something milder and maybe also creamier.

larry wolfe said...

Thanks....i am gonna try and make from scratch...i will get you in the loop

Dennis K. said...

Please do Larry! If you click on the Mos Burger label tag you'll see more posts I've done on history and such though I honestly didn't get very far in the re-creation part. The flavor profile of that Mos Sauce is very hard to duplicate and I know they use a little bit of miso as a hidden flavor ingredient. There are a few Japanese recipe sites that claim but I can guarantee it won't taste the same with their method which seems more a spaghetti meat sauce. Anyway wish you the best! :)