Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dinner Shapes

My dinner at Izakaya Masa tonight had a strange elemental shapes theme..

Jumbo Ebi Shumai ($5.95)

Steamed cylindroids packed with shrimp.

Takoyaki ($4.95)..

Perfect octopus filled spheres.

Ok maybe I'm stretching this concept a little but there were cubed Tofu in this Miso Soup ($1.80)..

Fun pub grub. Can't we all use a neighborhood izakaya?

And now I must go work on my shapely figure.. *ding ding*

Izakaya Masa, 928 Fort Stockton Dr, San Diego, CA 92103


L'aura said...

Wow, those ebi shumai don't look like the freezer variety for once! Ha! And takoyaki? How I envy you. Now I have a bad craving for some.

Dennis said...

Yeah they were actually called "jumbo ebi shumai".. Quite the double oxymoron but it was really good!