Saturday, July 12, 2008

Street Food Vendors Making Flat Round Things..

..Around The World!

I really love watching people with great technique cook. Street vendors are just the best. So efficient and usually with some pizazz which doesn't hurt for business.

Here are a few samplings I've found. Always too many more to list!

China: JianBing Breakfast Crepe
There are many but this couple had just amazing teamwork!

Another must see Giant Simple Crepe being made. Can I get Nutella on that?

Thailand: Koh Tao pancakes
Great technique, and I think he's sitting on his scooter!

And another.. He's certainly up there with anyone at Benihana.

India: Masala Dosa
Mmm, a visit to Surati Farsan soon will be inevitable..

France: French Crepe (Bananas and Chocolate)
I've found almost every clip having highly annoying chicks in them. This was the least annoying.

Mexico: Tacos
Well they start out as tortillas.. and I just had to include tacos.

Here's another and although not a street vendor, handmade tortillas somewhere in Mexico.

Japan: Okonomiyaki
A good time-lapse of how a mile high mound of shredded cabbage eventually condenses into okonomiyaki goodness.

And not flat but here's one on Takoyaki for my not so fond memory of a summer job in Junior High.. Actually I take that back. It was good times.

My friend is right. YouTube isn't only about videos of kids being kicked in the groin for sure! They're also great for the food curious.

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