Monday, July 7, 2008

A Taste Of China, San Clemente

San Clemente is my usual pit stop for drives up to L.A.
Caffeine to be had, gas tanks to be filled, and sometimes a quick bite. I've passed by this place many times, chuckling every time. Do you blame me? Very curious, I finally made it to check it out.

Having a Hot Dog Bun filled with Chow Mein isn't exactly a strange concept (yakisoba pan) for this junk food lover. And the possibility that a spirited entrepreneur had come up with some fun tasty grub for the San Clemente beach goers was pretty darn exciting. Taco Rice? Puka Dog? Spam Musubi? What awaits next?..

As you walk in you are greeted with this mustard-wave surfing Hot Dog.

Very awesome.

But the counter and menu seemed rather normal Chinese take-out.

Hmm. So I naturally asked about the Hot Dogs..
The nice and gentle lady smiled with an apologetic head shake and simply said ""
Me: Really??
"Sorry, we only have Chinese food.."
Me: Really??

I was pretty bummed to say the least. I reluctantly ordered a one-item-combo. BBQ Chicken, half-and-half..

The food was actually pretty good. A good notch above P-Express for sure. I enjoyed the BBQ Chicken which had a nice unexpected curry rubbed flavor and both rice and noodles were fresh tasting. Definitely would be back if I were in the mood for Chinese take-out and in the area again.

So no Hot Dogs eh..? They must get that like, a lot.

A little more Q&A and it turns out the current owners purchased the place 11~12 years ago when it was a Hot Dog business. They served both Chinese and American early on but the dogs and burgers didn't sell well and not long after they started to only serve Chinese food.

I still wished they retained something on the menu that was hot dog related. My Chow Fun was good but I was more in the mood for a Fun Chow.. ;)

Taste of China, 1101 S El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA, 92672

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