Friday, August 15, 2008

Domo Arigato Onigiri Robotto

Ever since my first Onigiri Post, I became very curious to see an Onigiri Robot in action and my google journey finally led me to this site.

While the Nigiri Wrapping Helper wasn't exactly what I was looking for I knew I was getting close..

Even finding this O-Nigiri-540 wasn't the end of my search..

..for the crucial Wrapping portion wasn't included.. (Curious how the Wrap 700 next to it functioned but no Data Sheet or Video was available.)

I kept scrolling down and it finally appeared.

Simply named the Onigiri Industrial Machine..
The data sheet with video is here and while you can see a glimpse of a stack of Double Layered Plastic Wrapper with Nori, the mechanism for the wrapping process is not well shown.. :(
At least for now it seems to be the only video I can find of it so I'm relatively happy.

Also after some tedious searching on Japanese Search Engines, I finally found these Onigiri Nori Wrappers for home use!
Create your own original Crispy Nori Onigiri or Maki. Sweet.

Sushi Robots are another story. Videos galore.

While I don't feel any Itamae has anything to fear, these machines are way cool and I actually wouldn't mind vending from one at a matsuri carnival.

I hope they figured out how to create an airpocket in those Shari.. Those are quite Big Nigiris!

The happy music makes this one fun..

And although just an artful simulation.. This animation creating Ikura Gunkan was kind of neat..

Serious Food Nerd-a-thon! Always brings a smile to my face. :)

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