Saturday, August 2, 2008

Graham Kerr Is My Hero.. Who Is Fanny Cradock?

More FoodTube YouTube entertainment for the food curious. I recently found this great BBC documentary on some history of British TV Cooking.

All seems to be a recording using a camera in front of a television set.
Satellite, Cable, HDTV?? Bah! If the content is good you don't need them Megapixels. Like how I used to watch The Galloping Gourmet dubbed in Japanese on the fuzzy spare TV set my parents let me have in my room.

While I definitely recommend seeing the entire The Way We Cooked - Graham Kerr & Fanny Cradock - pt.1, pt.2, pt.3..

You can skip to Part Four to see The Galloping Gourmet in glorious action (the Blue Canapes in the beginning are from Fanny Cradock)..

and Part Five..

Part Six starts to get healthy and so consequently boring.. and all good things come to an end (even British celebrity chef documentaries) at Part Seven.


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