Thursday, August 7, 2008

Three Not So Ordinary Breakfasts..

Three breakfast type meals I had recently. All coincidentally at cafes and all randomly at different times of day. All new to me and all fun experiences.

This was my first visit to Leilani's. When the nice lady was explaining a few of the dishes, the words "Hawaiian Breakfast" caught my attention. She only recommended it if I liked Pork.. What a silly question!

The My Kalani ($8.75).

Two Eggs perfectly done over-easy, Kalua Pork, Spicy Portuguese Sausage, two scoops of rice and Macaroni Salad. Oh My Kalani indeed!

Here's the plate turned around for a better view..

I also had a Guava Nectar to quench.

The best part for me was the Spicy Portuguese Sausage. Surprisingly not too greasy with a good hot kick and nice flavors. The runny Eggs helped mellow the Kalua Pork which was given in quite a generous portion. All with the Rice and Mac Salad meant life was good. Lazy nap good.

If the atmosphere itself wasn't a reason enough to want to return I remember seeing so many interesting things on the menu. I'd like to try next Da Teri Omelet. Sounds way too interesting and it would be perfect for my Part Two post of Not So Ordinary Breakfasts..

Leilani's Cafe, 5109 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Cafe Cabaret is my secret trusty free Wi-Fi spot and one late weekend morning I noticed a Try Our New sign above the counter. Named the Mediterranean Breakfast, this meal in a bowl consisted of a long list of ingredients including Fava Beans, Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Feta Cheese, Boiled Egg, Kamoune and Olive Oil. Definitely sounded worth a try!

After some prodding I found out that the official name of the dish is called Ful, while Kamoune (Cumin) was the dry spice sprinkled on top.

The Ful ($3.99, single portion) served with Pita Bread.

The way you eat is not nearly as complicated as the list of ingredients. You simply tear a piece of the Pita and dig right in.

Very Tasty. It's kind of a layered Breakfast Dip.. who would've thunk? :)

Cafe Cabaret, 3739 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

The last is a Breakfast Banh Mi at Cafe Dore.
I found out about Cafe Dore and this intriguing Banh Mi derivative on Kirk K's legendary SD based MMM-YOSO blog. Kirk's blog has certainly reopened many exciting ethnic food doors for me in the last few years. If you happen to read this Kirk, thanks!

Look for this totem pole of a sign (University and Marlborough)..

And ye shall find this Banh Mi Trung ($3.50). I also had a side of Meat Ball soup ($5.75).

I'm not a Banh Mi expert but sure do love them. According to what I read, the version of Banh Mi Trung at Cafe Dore with the grilled Ham is not common. If so, even more glad that I got to try it.

I definitely do like the light crusty bread here and with the combination of Cucumber, Peppers, Cilantro and Maggi flavored salt, this was an interesting Vietnamese spin from your traditional Ham and Eggs sandwich. All this is making me wonder.. Is there also a Breakfast Pho that I'm missing out on??

The soup looked light but was actually full of flavor, I would think close to if not what is used in Pho. The meat balls had a lot of crunchy texture from chopped tendons that I loved although it might be a turn off for some. I like my Tsukune with kori-kori Nankotsu!

Since Cafe Dore is open from 7AM it's nice to know I can return for the full Vietnamese breakfast experience, sleepy eyed and with a bed head. :)

Cafe Dore, 4135 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105


KirkK said...

Hi Dennis - Thanks so much for the link! I like the Hilo Loco at Leilani's....good stuff! You seem to be having some mighty delici-yoso breakfasts.

Dennis said...

Thanks Kirk! I think it's funny that many of my posts so far are on eggs and hamburgers, haha. And I'm going to get to the 10 photos meme one of these days! :)