Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brunch @ Farm House Cafe - Part Two

Yikes I'm completely swamped. Most of my meals last week consisted of Austin brand Cheese Crackers and Dirty's Maui Chips from the snack machine.

So Saturday morning I decided to treat myself with another light brunch at the Farm House (before heading my way back to work).

Funny it's my second visit and I still haven't actually step foot inside. Looks cozy but I'd rather sit out and have my meal while observing the matching of Car vs. Drivers go by. "Huh, a granny in a Scion xB.. interesting."

I didn't see the Omelet a la Ciboulette (Chives, Cheese and Bacon!) that was listed on their online menu but a Crab Omelet instead which I ended ordering. You can read about the Eggs en Cocotte that I had last here.

Crab Omelet ($8).

I had to order the Chicken Apple Sausage again. Very herby good and much less guilt inducing than a pork version. The country potatoes (Pommes de Terre Rissol) just as tasty as during my last visit.

Hope you like runny Omelets because this is a French Bistro. I certainly do!

Topped with fine minced chives, the omelet was oozing in crab flavored butter sauce and filled with of course minced crab meat. Nothing over complicated here, everything just done simple and fresh. In addition to the potatoes came with a toasted baguette, baby greens and a slice of lemon.

Too bad they're not open for lunch on Fridays anymore as Alice Q. mentions.
But I did notice their Burger on the weekend Brunch Menu which I have my heart set for next time.

Farm House Cafe, 2121 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

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