Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lunching @ Izakaya Sakura - Uni Spaghetti & Broiled Salmon

Watching Kamome Shokudo last night reminded me of Izakaya Sakura a lot.
Although Sakura is an Izakaya by night, at lunch the atmosphere is much more quiet and to me resembles more a Teishoku-ya, offering humble Japanese Comfort Food style dishes that the character Sachie in the movie was so particular about in serving at her diner.

On this post I will introduce the Uni Spaghetti and Broiled Salmon. You can read my first post about the Wafu Rib Eye Steak and Special Bento Box here. Which reminds me.. I really gotta get that Photo Menu Project rolling!

Uni Spaghetti Lunch ($10)

On the menu it is written as Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Sauce.
I was really curious about this. I had Tarako or Mentaiko Spaghetti many times but having an Uni version was the first.

It is hard to over describe this dish. The pasta is cooked in a simple butter based sauce with the Uni, some baby spinach and julienned Oba Shiso. Topped with my personal very favorite yummy Ikura and some shredded Kizami Nori. (If I had a portable refrigerated container, I would take fresh Ikura with me wherever I go!)

Also comes with a side of Buttered Toast which was great to sop up every last bit of the sauce at the end.

The amount of Uni was sufficient considering its price. When you think two pieces of Uni Gunkan Sushi can cost much more than this entire lunch it is definitely worth a try.
My part Japanese blood often craves white rice for lunch so I haven't had it very often but looking again at these pics is making me hungry!

The next is a more basic Japanese Lunch offering, Broiled Salmon. I'm including it as a reference to the Kamome Shokudo movie. You'll have to watch it to know why. :)

Broiled Salmon Lunch ($8.50)

If you've overdosed on Salmon in the past like me, you'll find this dish refreshing.
The Salmon was marinated in light Miso (and probably Sake - the alcohol, haha) and had a very nice flavor.

So much Umami in every which direction.. I just want a hot bowl of rice! (Provided of course.)

The Grated Daikon Radish, Scallions, a fresh cut of Tomato and Salad. Good and so good for you. :)

Izakaya Sakura, 3904 Convoy St #121, San Diego, CA 92111

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