Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sūpā no Onna - The Movie

Saturday Night Movies. Big time party happening here at the Dennis household. Spinning in my region free Jwin DVD player tonight will be Sūpā no Onna (Supermarket Woman), another entertaining Itami Juzo movie of Tampopo fame. (My favorite Omelet scene from Tampopo here.)

A revisit really since I've seen it a while back. Originally released in 1996.. Wow has it really been twelve years already?

A blog post I found about it and Kamome Shokudo here.


edjusted said...

This movie was great, if a bit formulaic. I just saw it about 2 months ago. I love Juzo Itami and Nobuko Miyamoto, but I think I prefer their other movies.

Dennis K. said...

Hi edjusted, the movie is certainly not one of his best but I was amazed how much research goes into them. There's a great Onigiri Machine scene during the Mentaiko debate that I wanted to rip for one of my posts but the disk wouldn't let me.. :(
Thanks for commenting!