Sunday, October 12, 2008

Furoshiki - The Original Japanese Eco-Bag

Furoshiki are perfectly square, rather large traditional wrapping cloths usually made with quality fabric that come in many beautiful designs. A great Wikipedia article on it here.

I have come to know about them mainly for carrying gifts and bento boxes but only recently discovered that its use can be so much more.

What about a watermelon?


Pictorial how-to's here and here.

Ok maybe a bit out of season but it would still be handy for a hand-carved pumpkin to your friend's Halloween party. Also way cool to carry your custom Brunswick in one of these to a bowling tourney for sure.

Instead of buying one of those tall overpriced gift bags for your gift bottle of wine why not wrap it in a Furoshiki instead?

Wrapping two bottles isn't a problem either along with books, rolled posters and for heavier objects even a shoulder carrying type. All shown below.

The renewed interest for the Furoshiki recently in Japan has been great and is even endorsed by their Ministry of the Enviroment which seems to have commissioned this all-in-one how-to-furoshiki illustration. Of course designed square to be a perfect Furoshiki print itself. Dowload a PDF version here and read about Minister Koike's "Mottainai Furoshiki" here.

Many how-to Furoshiki vids on YouTube here.

Neat. Now if I can only find my Karakusa Patterned one I bought years ago...


Keizo said...

natsukashii na~~ My grandma used to use these all the time!

Dennis K. said...

Totally Keizo.. It also reminds me of all the oseibo and ochugen CM's.. Time for cooking oil and instant coffee! Maybe some towels or soap. haha. But a Calpis set was the bomb.. ;)

Lantana said...

I found your blog by chance and like it very much. Thank you for the "Furoshiki".

I wish to ask you a favour please, I'm looking for "how to make a Japanese gardener's cap, that I saw on TV (fabric). By the way, I'm a Thai. I don't know how to call its name in Japanese.

Your kind attention would be appreciated.


Dennis K. said...

Hi Mel, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hmm, a Japanese gardener's cap.. I might need more detail on that because I think there are several kinds. I'll let you know if I find anything though. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,

Thank you very much for fast response.

I'm looking for how to make a Japanese farmer's hat, the picture as below link.

The dotty hat in picture...I wish to know what to call in Japanese, I could search on YouTube. I really appreciate the link "how to furoshiki" and I sent to my friends.

Your blog is nice and informative. Keep it up. I guess you like Thai food eh?

I live in Canada.

Have a good one!-Mel

Dennis K. said...

Ah got it Mel. Give me a few days and I'll try looking into it. My grandma totally had one of those.. My Grandparents were a farmers! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dennis,

Thank you sooooo much.

My grandparents were the farmers too, and I proud of them.^^

Today in Thailand (night over there) is Loy Krathong Festival

and I'd like to invite you and family to join this online *(^o^)* just make a wish!


Dennis K. said...

Hi Mel sorry for the wait, I had a crazy week. I found out it's called a Hokkamuri or Hokkaburi. I posted about it here:
I didn't have much luck finding a "how to" though. Good luck and the photos of that Thai Festival looked beautiful!

Lantana said...


I see you at that link. ^^