Monday, October 20, 2008

Kaiware Daikon Container

Ok, I won't be offended if any of you wondered why a person would go through the trouble of making a Kaiware Daikon Container. This actually started from wanting to grow my own Kaiware Daikon Sprouts but I quickly lost interest in the idea after I found a packet of Daikon Seeds (of unknown quantity) going for $1.49 while a package of grown ready to use Kaiware at Nijiya went for $0.99.

So until I find a much cheaper source of Daikon Seeds I was stuck with the pretty container that I had purchased for the project.

Still some small benefits of having such a container would be that it would look neat in your fridge next to your butter dish and it is actually more useful than what the Kaiware comes in where you need to pull the entire sprouts out every time you want to cut and use them. So if you decide this might be something you would be interested in I got my plastic container at the Container Store. Comes in many colors (~$2.39).

The only thing you will need to do is to make aeration holes. I used a dremel tool. A drill may work but make sure you use a small bit because the plastic is very brittle and will easily crack.

I forgot to mention the container will be used upside down so drill (what was) the bottom.

Done. Ok, I cleaned out my fridge a little for this photo..

What would you use Kaiware Daikon for? Almost everything!
Not only is it a pretty garnish but it gives your dish an extra radish-like fresh bite. Maybe my next post would be a simple recipe.


L'aura said...

This is beyond cool-in a geeky food sort of way. So the next question is, what sort of food dishes do you use kaiware in?

Dennis K. said...

Haha, thanks L'aura..
I use it for almost anything I don't put ketchup on. Hiyayakko, Japanese Omelets (nori-maki!), Wafu Hamburg, and even to garnish instant Ramen once in a while.
I wanted to finish the post with a photo of a quick dish but as you can see my fridge wasn't well stocked the night.. ;)