Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nissin Cup Noodle Curry and Seafood Flavor Tasting! - Torrey Pines Beach @ Dusk and Dawn

This post is partly dedicated to Keizo of GO RAMEN! and Edjusted of Both insanely passionate Ramen bloggers (and I thought I liked ramen) that not only did they both bother to comment when they came across my Nissin Cup Noodle U.S. vs. Japan Product Comparison post but even gave me compliments and encouragements. Thanks guys!

Not to jinx myself but I think the busiest of the busy time at work is over, at least for another few weeks anyway. I look forward in catching up with posting photos of what I've been eating and even hope to have a few recipes to share in the near future.

A couple weeks back during one 24-hr period I had surrendered in knowing I would probably be doing a semi-all-nighter, I decided to do my last two Cup Noodle flavor tastings at Torrey Pines Beach. TPB is only a few minutes away from work and the perfect spot to relax and take a break with convenient parking located right along the shoreline.

I already knew I would be having the Curry Flavor at dusk thinking of childhood memories coming home to the pleasant scent of simmering curry under turmeric colored evening skies.

As the exclamation point in the post title suggests, I was nerdly excited. Yes even the young couple playing frisbee in the background was not a challenge to the Japanese Nissin Cup Noodle's ability to make lemon moments into lemonade as it had proven to me during my previous comparison post.

A quick look at the back before opening. Hmm, I always thought this chart was their nifty way of listing ingredients but it seems more a checklist for people who may have severe allergic reactions to certain foods.

Unlike the Original, the open cup revealed dehydrated contents covered in granulated curry rue. Wow look at those large potatoes! They must be a relatively new thing because I don't remember them in the past.

After a pour of hot water and a 3-minute wait..

..Looks like so. You'll need to give it a good stir to even out the curry throughout the soup. The noodles seemed wider than what was in the Original. A good match for the very flavorful and surprisingly spicy curry soup that also had a thickener which gave it even more body to help adhere to the noodles. The potatoes were great along with the tasty mystery meat nuggets that are also found in the Original Flavor.

A perfectly nice filling warm snack meal that I wouldn't mind stashing a case in the cupboard along with an additional two of the Original Flavor. (photo taken from the lifeguard tower)

My Cup Noodle break almost felt like this newer NCN commercial except that the curl in my hair is natural as opposed to Takuya Kimura's silly looking perm.

A drive back to the office and fast-forward eleven hours.. Having had about five diet cokes throughout the night I was more than ready now to take another Cup Noodle break.

Early morning at Torrey Pines Beach. The dark gray skies and brisk air was quite a contrast from last evening but I found it very refreshing.

Saving the Seafood Flavor was perfect for dawn (think fishing boats unloading the freshest catch of the day at Tsukiji..). Maybe I'm a morning person after all.

Again, if you can read Japanese please take note if you are allergic to any of these ingredients below before consuming a Cup Noodle Seafood Flavor. A picture of a bird that seemed curious of what I was up to.

The cup when opened was very colorful!

Since the chart listed "crab," these bits although processed may actually contain some. May only because it could just be a small ingredient for the soup base.
I'm thinking I better make this quick before the morning coffee drinkers in the studio find out the hotpot is missing..

Three minutes later this is what it looked like.

Krab, Wakame Seaweed, slivers of Octopus and/or Squid, Cabbage, Scallions and the Fluffy Egg bits that are also found in the Original. But oddly no Shrimp.
The soup flavor seemed Tonkotsu-ish but a very light version. I thought it complemented the seafood flavors well. The noodles were plentiful as usual and were the thinner type used in the Original. As I was finishing, I also noticed tiny bits of Shoga Ginger. Quite nice but I think this flavor would list third starting with the Original then the Curry.

Goes without saying that I took back with me all my trash. Let's keep our beaches clean!
As for the meals I thought they were just great for a quick snack and can understand its popularity in Japan. A cup ramen ranking chart I found listing it No. 1 here. Don't know why Nissin doesn't sell these higher standard versions as-is here. Two of the U.S. cheapo Cup Noodles cannot replace the experience of having one significantly better tasting Japanese NCN and the just over a dollar price point would fit perfectly above them but well under the ~$3 bowl types.

So another sunset and sunrise, another day, and sooner or later surely another deadline. Other Nissin marketing suggests nothing is impossible with a Cup Noodle. Not even conquering global warming along with space travel to the moon and back.

I'm totally sold. Go Nissin Cup Noodle! Go.. Me!?


Keizo said...

Hi Dennis, great post and awesome pics! Kimu Taku is my hero...hahaha. An all-nighter at Torrey Pines Beach sounds like fun! Thanks for the dedication!!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Keizo, they were nice breaks! Maybe I should invest in a thermos if I decide to do this more often. I'm going to ask my fam visiting me in December for some Cup Noodle omiyage.. :)

KirkK said...

HeyDennis - Nice post, I loved it. Oh, and greetings from PDR Laos!

Dennis K. said...

Hope you're having a great time there Kirk! Can't wait to read about your trip, especially what you ate!

edjusted said...

Hey Dennis, thanks for the mention. I like the beach setting. I'll have to see if I can convince my wife to have a seaside picnic with instant noodles! hahaha

Dennis K. said...

Hi Ed, if your wife agrees to your idea you are indeed one lucky man! Haha. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I so hope you raised your fist when you were done eating!

Dennis K. said...

Haha, is that you J.B.? I did, then burped! ;)