Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Bread Maker Experiment..

Some lighthearted entertainment for the weekend..
Fyi, this is unofficially my second "Animation Inspired Food" post.. You can read part-one on Marco and his worldly travels in search of his mother and the lovely Potato Leek Soup at Shakespeare Pub here.

Oh Pazu and his awesome Welsh mining town inspired living quarters in Castle In The Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta). One of the many Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli produced anime films that I cannot remember how many times I've watched (originally released in 1986).

The scene of Pazu making a simple breakfast of a sunny side fried egg with a thick slice of country bread (only later to be eaten under a mine in escape of "bad men") was another inspirational moment for me of food in animation.

So sometimes I fall in love with a concept and just have to try it out.. Like what would be better than waking up to a pot of fresh brewed coffee on a timer than the smell of a Freshly Baked Loaf of Bread on a timer!?

I borrowed a friend's Breadman bread maker and found a simple recipe for basic white bread online. I should note here that the rather loud sound of a machine kneading bread in the wee hours of morning wasn't exactly how I wanted to be waken during any precious vacation day.. But soon enough I fell back to sleep and later was indeed treated to the experience of waking up (this time for real) to the amazing smell of Fresh Baked Bread!

The smell was fantastic but my first experiment wasn't all together a success where while the taste was fine, it was quite dense and heavy. My fault though for not following directions completely. Next time I will use actual Bread Flour (higher Protein content) rather than the All-Purpose I conveniently had at hand and I will also try sifting it as well. Below right, you can see the tell tale sign of bread baked in a machine - the bellybutton the mixing paddle creates.

The breakfast I actually had the next morning so while frying an egg I toasted up a good thick slice.

My fried AA Extra Large Egg had nice thick whites but overall still a bit small for the giant slice of toast. I need to go find myself some AA Jumbos..
The dense bread wasn't all that bad for a first try. Maybe the taste of yeast was higher than I wanted but it was lightly sweet and toasting it definitely helped.

This Pazu style whole-fried-egg-on-toast at a random hotel restaurant below had better egg-to-bread ratio. The toast was heavily buttered as well which made it very tasty. Mmm..
It's a bit messy but I highly recommend.

I should also maybe clarify that I'm not an Anime nut. My interest in it is probably average for being raised in Japan.

But when a scene of creatively stylized rendition of food appear.. It suddenly becomes fascinating. ;)


edjusted said...

Looks like fun! I'm not a big anime nut either but I like Miyazaki movies, and I gotta admit that something about watching people and kids eat in his movies always makes me hungry!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks edjusted, it's nice to know that it's not only me!