Friday, November 7, 2008

A Few More Roasted Duck Noodle Soups. (Two "We Make For You"s!)

My fascination with Roasted Duck Noodle Soups is still going strong and as I was scouring through photos from the last few months I thought maybe I should do an update to the "What I've Found So Far" original post.

The experience again proved to be quite the range in price and quality but I find these discoveries all fun. The one I tried at International Restaurant (I think also known as Quoc Te?) off of University Blvd was during my bargain hunting days.

Roasted Duck with Egg Noodle Soup (~$5.95).

I remember really enjoying the soup and garnishes.. Crispy fried onion bits and lots of fresh flat-leaf chives.

The soup had a decent flavor with good amount of oil and I even enjoyed the noodles which were the thin firmer type. The duck though was completely lean, tough and some parts even incinerated. It actually looked deep fried prior to being served. I think I was able to nibble on the duck but not much else.

Still for the price I enjoyed the soup and noodles to the point that I'm willing to come back some day to try it again with maybe another topping. BBQ Pork and Sate Beef were I few I remember seeing but with a 250+ itemed menu, I'm bound to find something I like.. ?

International Restaurant, 4448 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

I started to then get curious what "higher end" places had to offer in the RDNS arena. One evening I decided to try Jasmine off of Convoy. This was not officially on their menu.

Jasmine's Roasted Duck Noodle Soup ($12.95).

It was dinner so that may explain the price as well as the quantity. It was a lot for one person. The noodle soup was topped with some greens with a nice par crunch to them. The Duck was served separately with some of its delicious drippings.

Needless to say quite good. The soup was very simple and nice as well but as usual I almost immediately proceeded to put some of the duck pieces on top (and drippings as well when no one was looking).

The egg noodles were wider and thicker than what I have had in the past and almost reminded me of the kind in Japanese Ramen.

It was a big dinner, especially with the appetizer that I had also ordered unsuspecting. I think they were called Jumbo Pan-fried Dumplings and were around $6. While it may also seem high for three I really enjoyed these and would order them again.

To get a sense of scale, those spoons were the larger tablespoon so the dumplings were an easy 2X the normal. The only thing I didn't care too much for was the very vinegary dipping sauce.

And soon as I thought I couldn't possibly eat any more, a complementary dessert was given on the house. The warm Chinese Black Rice Dessert settled into whatever little space my stomach had left. It actually was pretty good.

Jasmine Seafood Restaurant, 4609 Convoy St # A, San Diego, CA 92111

I would see Emerald on my way to K-Sandwiches all the time and one day finally decided to visit.

I was surprised to see ladies pushing Dim Sum carts during this weekday lunch hour. I had a steamed Chicken / Shiitake Mushroom dish which turned out to be pretty tasty ($3.90). Still I had my heart set on a bowl of RDNS which I found again not listed on the ordering menu. But they were more than happy to make one for me.

Wow and did it look Beautiful.

Emerald's Roasted Duck Noodle Soup ($8.95).

The soup again wonderfully amber colored.

The duck pieces were large, very meaty but tender and had great flavor.

The noodles were done al dente as well.
While I could've enjoyed this bowl as-is, this awesome Hot Chili Paste concoction of sorts turned up the flavor volume to not Ten but Eleven.

They actually gave me some to go after I inquired and showed so much interest in it.

Emerald Chinese Seafood Restaurant, 3709 Convoy St # 101, San Diego, CA 92111

The last on this post is a Thai version which I've also always been curious to try.
I had this RDNS at Thai House Cuisine. I've been to THC a few times before and while I'm not the right person to be able to vouch for the authenticity of their dishes (if you're into that), I can say that they serve some pretty solid food here and I've never been disappointed.

A burst of flavors! Looked liked fried shallots, fresh cilantro, chopped scallions.. The Duck was was even deboned.

The soup was also different where I can only explain it as having hints of flavors of what are used in some of their stir-fries. It was good but if I had to make an ultimate Roasted Duck Noodle Soup, I think it would be a hybrid of Thai style toppings with the more simple Chinese style soup and noodles. Still it was my first Thai RDNS that I had tried so maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusion so quickly.

Of course condiments to spice things up further were provided.. And the appetizer that I had this evening was the Tod Mun Pla, Thai Fried Fish Cake. Very good.

Thai House Cuisine, 4225 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

So this completes my part two of Roasted Duck Noodle Soup findings in San Diego. I'm sure to have a few more in the coming colder months. Mmm, can't wait!

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