Monday, November 24, 2008

Min Min Ramen (みんみんラーメン)

My friends who sent me photos of Aoi's Curry Udon and had also helped me with my Hokkaburi post last had sent me these of Min Min Ramen (みんみんラーメン) yesterday. They were so wonderful that with permission I had to share.

To eat at Min Min Ramen is not as simple as wishing you were in Japan or Tokyo. Because once there you will have to trek out through many twists and turns of small local roads to reach your destination of HachiOji.

When finally there you are greeted with this close to dilapidated structure.

And a line out of course. Lines are proof of something special happening inside.

A quick tuck under the Noren and through the sliding doors.. (がらがらがら)

Reveals the rather spartan stage where all the magic happens..

The giant in the photo is supposedly Koto-oushu, a famous Sumo wrestler.

On to the food..
Explained extra Menma (Pickled Bamboo Shoots). Get me a bowl of rice quick! :)

Extra Tama Negi (White Onion). Min Min seems to be known for using finely shredded regular onion and not the usual Naga Negi (Japanese Green Onion). Either way, I'm wondering what that yummy looking sauce over it is..

Ugh, I can't believe I'm getting hungry by a photo of sliced onions.. haha. But finally..

Min Min's Tokudai (double portion) Shoyu Ramen.



KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - That photo of shredded onion was making me hungry as well! Very timely post...with the upcoming winter storm (well at least winter storm by SoCal standards)

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kirk, I have my friends to thank as well. I don't know where the clouds went.. it's suddenly sunny.

Keizo said...

Mmmm...that place looks familiar. Hachioji is close to where my uncle lives. Does that menma look purple to you? I wonder what it tastes like. I love menma! I just ate ramen, but your pics are making me hungry again!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Keizo, that must have just been the fluorescent lights effecting the Menma's color.. I've since tried color correcting it a bit.. mmm much more appetizing looking. ;)

All the rain is making me crave some ramen too! Ramen on Thanksgiving.. Why not? :)

Roger. said...

^ jealous. I miss a good steaming bowl of ramen.

Dennis K. said...

I hear ya Roger! I'm jealous of my friends too!

edjusted said...

That looks good. I firmly believe that the more run-down a place looks (well...up to a point), the better the food usually is!

Dennis K. said...

I know what you mean edjusted.. Like the place must be doing something pretty well for it to still be running??