Friday, December 19, 2008

Lunching @ Volare - Part Two

A couple more meals I had at Volare Italian Restaurant. If you missed Part One you can read about it here.

This day I arrived a little late for the Lunch Specials so I ordered from their dinner menu. Fyi, lunch is between 11~3PM (weekdays only), but you are still able to order from the entire menu during these hours.

I started with the Antipasto Salad ($3.75).

Amazingly this was their small size. The photo below gives a better sense of scale maybe..

Romain lettuce, slices of Provolone cheese, Pepperoni and another cured sausage, olives, ripe tomatoes, mushrooms and various pickled veggies (pearl onions, celery, red bell pepper, cauliflower) all dressed with a light Balsamic dressing.

I was in the mood for trying a pesto dish so after a short dialog with the nice waitress I ordered the Pesto Sauce with (choice of) Pasta ($6.95). I chose Fettuccini.

What came as I was finishing the antipasto was this Enormous plate. I was afraid of this because the 1/2 portioned lunch specials were already quite filling.

The pasta was cooked a little longer than I like but the Pesto was wonderful. I thought it had a coarser minced texture which held well with the fettuccini while it also allowed me to taste all the individual fresh ingredients. Buono!

Came with free garlic bread (but not on a sesame bun). Light, crispy and good as usual and perfect to dip into the pesto which there definitely was no shortage of.

Good food and a Lot of it. Best to share maybe or I guess you can always take leftovers home. I managed to finish most and didn't need to have dinner this day. A double bargain. :)

My next visit I had the Scaloppini Vino Blanco offered as a Lunch Special. Comes with pasta, bread and soup or salad for $5.95. (!)

The iceberg lettuce in the salad was acceptably fresh but no complaints really. A peperoncini, olive and cherry tomato (buried under the blue cheese dressing).

The main dish. (Ah, now that's more a manageable size..)

Thin cut veal (pounded?), breaded and fried then simmered in a simple white wine sauce with crimini mushrooms.

The veal was sufficiently tender. Wasn't cut-with-a-fork tender but fine as was the white wine sauce, spaghetti with meat sauce, and bread. Nothing earth shattering here but all perfectly fine.

It's when you consider the price of the meal (which would beat a fast food combo any day of the week) that makes it quite amazing. Which reminds me, Volare is probably not best to visit for lunch if you're in a hurry. You can call in ahead for pick-up though.

So I'm slowly becoming a regular.. In fact I copycatted how many were wrapping their breads (I'm assuming to keep warm?) just cause it looked neat, haha.

Also this day I saw people walk out with four ENORMOUS sized pizzas that seemed to barely fit through the exit in a Tetris fashion.
It was their massive 28" pizzas on the way to a fund raiser. The boxes they were in looked as if a starving student can rig into a good size dinner table. Now that would be brilliant. "Where's the food?.. It's in the table.." ;)

Volare Italian Restaurant, 3528 Barnett Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

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