Monday, December 8, 2008

Wantanya (わんたんや)

My friends that were responsible for the Aoi Curry Udon and Min Min Ramen photos have again generously provided me with these nice images from their recent visit to Wantanya (わんたんや).

You can say by now they are my unofficial blog participants except that I post and summarize for them which is not a problem because what they send are always very inspiring to me.

Referred to by friends on their onsen (hot springs) travel back from Atami was a promise of a very simple but excellent tasting Ramen.

Tucked away in a quiet side street (thank goodness for GPS) was the Wantanya.
Below the very simple and unadorned entrance as to echo the description of the meal.

As the name suggests, Ramen with Wontons are their specialty.
All took place in this quaint and cozy atmosphere..

Where the early arrival proved to be a very smart move.
The shop quickly filled with regulars..

Until the last remaining seats were taken within a small time frame.

The Wonton Chasu Ramen.

Wow, indeed very simple looking.
It was described as a pork bone based soup with Shoyu (soy sauce) flavor. I can almost taste it through these pixels!

I think the wontons were sunken under the soup..
Mmm, and these gyozas look great too. Looks about 1.5X the normal.


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