Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Impromptu L.A. Run - Part One - Pink's

My weekend drives to L.A. are often decided last minute, without a shave, and without a plan. They also consist of a lot of driving (I like driving), some eating, and then more driving, usually to very personal なつかしい nostalgia-inducing places. One of them this time around was Pink's..

By chance I learned that they are celebrating their 70th Anniversary this year (been in business since 1939!). You can read more about Pink's and their history on Wiki here.

I had to do the Chili Dog (10" Stretched - $3.30) since it was what made Pink's famous but the choice for the second was tough.

Somehow after seeing all the Bacon, Cheese, and Onion Rings being prepared, the idea of one with Coleslaw and Chopped Tomatoes (Johnny Grant - $4.05) suddenly didn't sound like a bad idea.

You can see a brand new package of the Hoffy's above but like I mentioned it seemed there were as much bacon being consumed this day as hot dogs..

[A stop by the condiments station for some hot peppers.]

The Chili is smoooth and despite the looks amazingly will not cause any heartburn (unlike Tommy's?). The all-beef natural casing hot dog is a notable mention as well but because it is boiled and not grilled I find the snap quiet.

The one with coleslaw was a first and well.. very interesting. But it was what I was strangely in the mood for so you can say it hit the spot as well. I dined in this amazingly hot January weekend day. Must've hit the eighties at one point!

Were my Pink's hot dogs worth the 50-minute wait in line I had to endure??

I guess for me the meal and experience served its purpose..

But for what seemed like a majority of tourists I wasn't sure. Definitely was fun people watching.

Pink's Hot Dogs, 709 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038


Keizo said...

Aaaah, late night trips to Pink's during my college years after a night out at Dublin's or Miyagi's--natsukashii indeed!! It's been awhile since I've been back, but seeing your post makes me feel like going this weekend. The spicy polish dog used to be my fav. Thanks for invoking some memories. Hope you had a nice drive!

Dennis K. said...

I sometimes forget your diet doesn't solely consist of ramen Keizo! ;)
Funny, my next post is Duck's and you inspired me to go!