Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vallarta Express - Clairemont

I was surprised when I saw the Clairemont location of EZ Take Out Burger suddenly close last year. At least to me they didn't look as though they were doing that bad.. Anyhow, a few weekends back during a Home Depot run I noticed that the little drive thru hut was now occupied by a new Mexican eatery called Vallarta Express.

There is now a sun trellis outside with table and bar stools..

And while the inside hasn't changed a whole lot except for the now blue and white tile theme, there are some minimal seating along the window facing the street. (To the right is a photo of when it was EZ Take Out I managed to dig up.)

I'm guessing the menu will eventually be posted on their official website but it consists of a wide array of your classic and not so classic burritos, quesadillas, soft and hard shell tacos, torta sandwiches, and a few combo plates and bowls.

The crispy grilled cheese layer in my Quesataco ($3.25) was nice. The steak was well-seasoned and surprisingly tender but the salsa though fresh didn't seem to have much flavor. The Quesataco was a pretty filling meal in itself but overall felt a bit salty without anything really standing out to entice me in ordering it again. The shredded beef Hard Shell Taco ($2.85) was also pretty standard but nothing to complain about either.

Sadly no free chips and you'll have to also pay for those Hot Carrots ($0.85). Still with a 24/7 drive through I might find myself here again in a pinch to maybe try a Torta.. or the Philly Burrito.. or the Buffalo (sauce) Taco..

Vallarta Express, 4277 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA 92117

A small collage tribute to the now gone EZ Take Out Burger - Clairemont..

A tad guiltier version of an In-N-Out and without the long lines..

How could have that been a bad thing? :)

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