Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Great Burger - Tokyo, Japan

The time I spend working on my posts are during some nights and most weekends. So far it's been a fun hobby but at times it could be frustrating (I'm not much of a writer if you haven't noticed) or I simply could be not that inspired. Lately though it's been about the posts in progress are one or so meal shy of feeling complete.

So while continuing to struggle between what I prefer to eat vs. what would help me finish a post.. I found in my email inbox this morning some great pics from my friends in Tokyo. Just in time! They are the same friends responsible for all these btw.. and so again with their permission I happily present.

While I would've been completely happy with a photo of a Mos Burger or even a Freshness Burger, what they had sent me this time was a series from a dynamite looking burger meal at The Great Burger. (Their news blog here.)

The interior is rustic Americana.. (is that a word?) Quite nice.
Not a lot of description was given to me this time but this looks like a lovely cup of hot chocolate..

Yep, I'm pretty sure..

And are you ready for the Burger??


I can see a few pieces of bacon but where's the beef? Ok, you know I kid.

Everything made by hand including the buns.
A few wall paraphernalia..

Hmm, this would cost me nothing to do at home.. ;)

Another thing they mentioned was the restaurant had two dogs of the owner's.

Cute. But I'll spare the one photo with the doggie accident.

And finally a Pie ala Mode for dessert.

Thanks guys!

Now if I can somehow entice them to go to Gyoza no Oushou (餃子の王将) for their infamous 200-Yen Gyozas.. ;)


Wandering Chopsticks said...

How nice of your friends. I wish I had someone to send me a bunch of pictures to break my posting routine.

I hear ya on the lack of inspiration for writing. I don't think you're a bad writer at all so you should definitely post more.

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC, I feel lucky and their photos aren't too bad as well..
Thanks again! :)