Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morning Zaru Soba Set

Two things I found today.
First I finally found a rare spot in my tiny California Bungalow where I can take decent pics of my meals (small windows and tall hedges = not a lot of light).
Second I found a new use for my Morning Set ware I bought from Muji years ago..

It was perfect for my Zaru Soba, he-he. Funny how it makes the Tsuyu broth look like a cup of Joe.. (I used store bought, meh.)

Morning Sets are popular in Japanese Cafes where they serve simple light breakfast meals usually consisting of a cup of coffee (no refill here, you're in Japan) and a simple sandwich or even just buttered toast. In fact it's what my profile pic is. :)
Two blog posts I found on the peculiar Japanese Morning Set here and here.

As for the soba, a trick I learned on Japanese TV for a more chewy experience is to soak and hydrate the dry noodles for several minutes prior to boiling. If you choose to do it this way make sure you cut the cooking time in half of what the manufacturer recommends.

Like with any pasta you should boil with plenty of water, but unlike pasta you not need to add salt to the water. When done, rinse the soba aggressively in cold water several times to rid all of the starchy residue. Continue on to a large strainer to cut the excess moisture on the surface of the soba. *shake shake*

I think the trick worked.. Definitely didn't hurt it. I'll have to cook it the regular way next time to confirm.

If I had found my tripod I would've taken a shot of me holding the mug of Tsuyu in the other hand (which is how I ate). :)


Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't even think that the tsuyu was coffee. After you mentioned it though...

I'll have to try the method of soaking the soba prior to cooking it next time. Thanks for the tip!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Laura, next time I definitely want to try making the tsuyu from scratch.. and have it hot.. and with natto. :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I have two packages of soba in my pantry just waiting to be used. So lazy about doing anything with them though! Hmm. I wonder if that soaking makes a difference?

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC, let me know what you think! The difference was subtle for me but at least it didn't hurt it.

Dennis K. said...

A note to readers.. While I had some success with the soaking method it seems that the benefits vs. the risk of clumping (as WC had experienced) may not be worth the try. I've since seen nama (raw) soba noodles in the refrigerated section in the Japanese markets that I'm looking forward in trying. Will keep you posted!