Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's On My Rice - Bunsen Ara!

Need to work this weekend.. :(

So a very quick what's on my rice post.
This particular day on my rice was Bunsen's Ara!. (アラ!- The exclamation point is part of the name.)

Another popular brand is Momoya's Gohan Desuyo! (ごはんですよ!). Strange that both use an exclamation point to express excitement for what is essentially seasoned seaweed paste.. ;)

Savory, sweet, and a whole lot seaweedy. Like a Whole Lot. So if it doesn't sound appetizing to you I would recommend avoiding it. But if it does, you may be happy to know that it is great on rice and offered in many flavors.

Shown is the standard but my other favorite is the Shii-Ara (shiitake flavor). Also available in Shiso, Nameko, Wasabi, and even Matsutake.

Honestly haven't had it in ages. I picked up a bottle out of pure nostalgia while recently browsing through the aisles of Nijiya Market. For the most part you simply top it on rice but I hear it is sometimes used for cooking (if you ever thought whatever you're making can use some seaweed flavor I guess..). Actually adding a little to Natto is very nice.

A Bunsen Ara! commercial I found on YouTube from I would guess the early 70's..

This one of Momoya's Gohan Desuyo! from the eighties I'm more familiar with..

All this is also making me crave a bowl of hot Miso Soup.. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm..seasoned seaweed paste? Other than natto or plain rice, what would it be good on?

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB.. I'm not exactly sure but I have a whole jar of it now! haha.