Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's On My Rice - A Super Bowl With Uni

I'm starting a new series called "What's on my rice." Here I will be posting the endless possibilities of how a rice fiend like myself enjoys a simple bowl of gohan..

I recently discovered having my store bought Uni with a drizzle of Soy Sauce and very good Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

Rice was 3/4 of the inexpensive stuff and 1/4 glutinous (Mochi-gome) rice. I've been cooking my rice this way ever since my family's visit. Not shown but I also had it with some crispy Nori. Mmm, crispy Nori...

Since it was Super Bowl Sunday I seriously considered making my version of Scotch Eggs (a more manly meal?) and even dressing one into looking like a football but after realizing I'm really not much of a sports fan it all started to feel like a lot of work. I have all the ingredients though so I may make some tonight (sans the football idea).

I got these at Nijiya Market btw. Very fresh at $7.99 and very bright yellow-orange with a medium firm texture. Size varied a lot but it was all good. Learn more about Uni as I did here.


KirkK said...

Uni for Super that's a new one!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk.. maybe next time I can try it with Buffalo sauce and Ranch dressing?! ;)

Cecil said...

I can't remember the last time I had Uni but your pictures are making me hungry.

Laura said... That uni looks delicious. Nijiya consistently has quality uni. It's the next best thing to live uni.

Dennis K. said...

Hey Cecil! Thanks for dropping by.. Let's do Uni when we hang out again!

Hi Laura, I have to agree on you on that, though I haven't tried Marukai yet. I miss the days my uncle would fetch some for me at the beach!