Saturday, March 21, 2009

Afuri (あふり) Ramen - Ebisu, Tokyo

I was cleaning out the hard disk on one of my old computers the other day and found these pics from friends G.R.A. several years back when they had visited Afuri in Ebisu. I thought it was funny when I realized we've been swapping food photos like kids with baseball cards all along. Even more glad to have started this blog now so that I have a permanent place to store, collect, and also share them. :)

Afuri's Shio Ramen.

Looks amazing. They lightly grill their wonderful thicker cut Chasu (Aburi Chashu) before placing it in the bowl and serving the ramen.

Dang they look good. Actually this was the perfect reminder of the portable propane torch that I bought at the hardware store some time ago.. And especially after reading Kirk's recent post on Raku, I'm totally primed for some Aburi action again!

An article on Afuri in English I found for additional information.. And a YouTube vid from Cooking With Dog on how to make Yakibuta Ramen..

As I end, my list of torch-enhanceable meals in my head is growing rapidly.. Almost on par with Bubba and his shrimps'.. :)


Keizo said...

Woa, that chashu does look good! I may have to stop by on my way to visit family in Gotanda. Thanks for the post!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Keizo, the place seemed to only get average reviews on Japanese ramen sites but maybe it's worth a try? Family in Gotanda? Man I feel like such a いなかもん.. Haha! :)