Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Search Of Sunday Breakfast @ Hillcrest Farmers Market

Wow it's been a long long time since I visited Hillcrest Farmers Market. Biggest problem for me is trying to wake up early enough if I remember about HFM at all on Sunday morning. Today a rare planet alignment and I was able to do both. Later discovered the tires on my dusty bicycle deflated so decided to drive down.

Funny I was very gun shy with my camera which is unlike me. Not sure if they were all food bloggers but maybe it was the already many people taking photos.

A bit more stalls than I remembered this day but HFM is still relatively small. Lots of great smelling grilled food that teased my olfactory senses but these beautiful things caught my eye and I had to get one.

So pretty! They were cheesecakes from (I think) the Lisko Imports stall. At least that's what it said on the lids of the many wonderful pestos to try as well the bags of fresh pastas which I'll definitely be back for.

After paying with my olive oil stained bill I walked around a bit more but unfortunately the clouds were becoming grayer by the moment and it seemed like it may rain soon. So I got some coffee at the Joes on the Nose truck and headed back. There's always next week.

I was so ready to eat and I don't even have a sweet tooth! I guess cheesecakes were always an exception for me..

..Even for breakfast? At least I had the dairy and eggs part covered. Oh and fruit too. :)

The whipped texture was airy and wonderful. Sweet but not overly sweet with great flavors of cream cheese and vibrant blueberries.

It was like ice cream that managed to stay solid in room temperature.. :) And with my large latte it kept me very wired for the rest of the day. Explains my double posting today.

Note to self.. Fill bicycle tires with air and find that old tote bag.


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I've heard there's a Kanom Krok vendor at HCFM. Did you happen to come across it?

Dennis K. said...

I had to google "Kanom Krok" but I definitely remember there was one Kirk!

David said...

Hi Dennis. Thanks for stopping by the orange coffee truck! I appreciate your business, and hope you enjoyed your latte! Love the photos, too!

Dennis K. said...

Hi David! I forgot to mention on my post but the latte was great! Thanks for commenting and I'm sure I'll see you again soon! Cheers,