Monday, March 16, 2009

Ivan Ramen (アイバン ラーメン) - Tokyo

G.R.A.'s recent very kind contribution to my humble blog were these photos from a visit to Ivan Ramen that capped one of their work day evenings last week. Might as well be named Envy Ramen for my sake. As usual the explanation was very brief but somehow still very informative:

"The ramen was excellent.. Ivan was a very laid back and cool guy.. And he seemed to really enjoy what he was doing."

If interested to learn more about Ivan and his ramen, a comprehensive and much more thorough post can be read here on Keizo's GO RAMEN! Blog.

Me, I can share some bits I gathered on YouTube and elsewhere. Ivan Orkin is originally from NY and he is making some butt-kicking ramen in what may be considered the front line for steep ramen competition, Tokyo City. The shop is located on "a quaint side street 20 mins. from Shinjuku Station"..

I already love it. Actually feels like a cold night too, unlike San Diego's most of January and February. The signage reminds me of NY subways in some ways. Very cool.

The beautiful Ramen.

Knowing my friend it was most probably Shoyu based.
Again, casual fun graphics. I couldn't have done it better.

Friends goofing off. I spare you the photos of them performing Capoeira on the street. :)

Although from a Japanese program, below was a nice clip of Ivan getting his ingredients locally and his philosophy of how everyone in his town benefits. The whole chicken for his soup is procured from a butcher literally across from his own shop and vegetables from another local grocer.

Next one is in English! (From NTDTV)

A video of a bowl being eaten (if you're into that).

Also G.R.A. had pointed out to me that it was very nice to know that Ivan and his ramen seemed to be doing quite well with a recent release of an Instant version from Sapporo Ichiban. On the same blog it was noted that he even had a book out. Go Ivan Orkin! I can't wait to try your ramen one day! :)

More nice reading on Ivan Ramen on The Japan Times Online and another on his recent instant Cup-O-Ramen success.
Ivan on WSJ Online. Unfortunately the great accompanied video was no longer available.


Keizo said...

Oh man...I miss Japan! Thanks for the link! I loved those drawings in the first video. And did the guy in the second video say "balls of hot noodles"? hahaha. Dang I didn't know he had his own instant cup! Go Ivan!

Dennis K. said...

Hahaha! I'll have to go back and watch.. I'm expecting a care packaging from big sis soon. If she hadn't sent it yet I can ask for a few of Ivan's instant ramen if you're interested! Dumb question!? ;)

Keizo said...

Dude that would be awesome! Actually I think I'm going in April. Tickets are cheap and work may let me take some time off. I may buy a ticket tomorrow. I'll let you know. Then I'll bring back a whole suitcase full for us to try!

Dennis K. said...

Ah man I'm so jealous. That'll be awesome though.. And I think I have change left from my last trip to pay you for them in Yen.. ha!