Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kamome Shokudo - Pasco Bread CM's..

Kamome Shokudo was my highlight of food related movie finds last year (the movie was originally out in 2006). A Helsinki set somewhat strange but heartwarming Japanese comedy about a lady who opens up a Japanese Food Diner in the city. (The movie Udon (うどん) was my close second.)

While randomly browsing YouTube last weekend I found out there were a series of television commercials from Pasco that used Kamome Shokudo to highlight their "shittori" moist Chojuku shokupan bread. Was like finding extra deleted scenes of one of your favorite movies. :)

The Raclette like toast made in this later half looked so amazingly good!

Below is of their English Muffin version of the Chojuku.

Last is a compilation. After you pass a quick few of the tote bag offer you will be awarded with what looks like a yummy Potato Croquette Sandwich, mmm..

Reminds me of this that I had.

Looking very forward to watching Megane (めがね) which I think is produced by the same people of Kamome Shokudo.

Pronounced Me-ga-ne, it means (reading) glasses in Japanese. The food looks delicious and the humor a bit odd.. Can't wait! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the sound of the bread crunching as the people bite into it! It's so thick! I have never had bread like that. I think it's my new obsession to try it.

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB! If you do, try at least one toasted that is buttered first cold and not the other way around (with extra butter on the ears). It was my first shokupan experience that I can remember as a kid!