Thursday, March 5, 2009

Santouka's Limited Time Toromi Shoyu Ramen

I need to thank Edjusted for this Ramen tip last weekend! Turns out Mitsuwa Market is celebrating an Anniversary Sale and their food court is also participating in the party. Seems to have started last week but the food court offerings were available again this day Thursday and will continue on until Sunday, March 8th. Santouka is contributing with a Toromi Shoyu Ramen (limited to 20 meals per day) and Kayaba a Shrimp Ebi Fry Lunch (served all day).

[Santouka (San Diego) Toromi Shoyu Ramen ($8.99)]

Wow looks fantastic! I knew these photos were going to be keepers. I also got a side of flavored egg Ajitamago ($0.99).
Check out the fine minced and dark caramelized onions, large roasted Nori and the tofu Aburaage.. :) Other toppings as Edjusted mentioned were the single Chasu, crunchy Menma, and Scallions.

The biggest difference for its name sake is the toromi gravy-like topping with ground meat (pork?).
A first few sips of the soup I was bummed that I may have received a lukewarm bowl. But this was deceiving where after a few large renge spoonfuls..

..the soup under the toromi was indeed piping hot!
The addition of thickened toromi acted like a natural heat smothering lid over the entire bowl.

The soup itself was the familiar savory Santouka shoyu-tonkotsu. Together with the toromi I may have thought (at least today in SD) that it was a tad on the salty side. But with the Aburaage..

And a few bites of the lightly flavored hard boiled egg, it helped balance out my palate.

The wonderful fatty and flavorful Chasu.. Good for you Santouka Chasu, you're looking very photogenic today..

Noodles felt extremely good this day too (also very hot!) and entangling together with the thicker toromi soup, it was a very nice change of experience to be had at Santouka. :)

Was very glad I got to try it. You can also read Keizo of Go Ramen!'s post on it here.

On the way out I noticed a new addition to Kayaba's menu next door of a Curry Udon unrelated to the Anniversary. I will need to try it and update my San Diego Curry Udon findings.

Strange that I also noticed a Curry Udon addition to Tajima's menu just yesterday as well. Sweet! :)

Santouka Ramen, 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd (Mitsuwa Market Food Court), San Diego, CA 92111


Keizo Shimamoto said...

I still don't get why CM is the only one that doesn't provide renge spoons. Why, why, why?! なぜ!

Great post! I thought this ramen tasted great. Although it did sort of remind me of a thicker chukazanmai. In any case, they need to add it to the regular rotation. Then maybe I'd rank Santouka higher.

Anonymous said...

AW man, you too? The Ajitamago picture is especially beautiful(and yummy looking)!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Keizo! Fyi, I just discovered if you google "Toromi Shoyu Ramen" Edjusted, you and I are top three. I thought that was nerdy cool, haha. Still need to do a proper Santouka post.. Maybe I'll focus on their Gohan sides.. he-he. :)

Hi BB, thanks! To be honest I was never crazy about their Ajitamago but they make nice pictures. :) Are you going to join the Santouka TSR club!?

edjusted said...

Dennis, I'm glad you had a chance to try it. I really liked your closeup pic of the chashu. It makes me want to go back for another serving this weekend. Hahaha.

Oh wow, we're the top 3 on Google? Ha, that *is* cool!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Edjusted, thanks again for the tip! The way I've been the last few weekends I would've totally missed it. :)

Keizo Shimamoto said...

Yes very cool! They should also do a Toromi Shoyu Gohan. That would probably be good too!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Keizo, Yes that DOES sound good.. :) Oops, just corrected an error. Meant to say Aburaage and not Agedashi... :P

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I wanted to go this weekend to try this, but I didn't get a chance to....Now I really wish I had gone! Hopefully they will have it again for some other special.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirbie! Yeah who knows, maybe they'll eventually include it on their permanent menu and so I agree with Keizo. As much as I like Santouka, I always felt there wasn't enough differentiation between their several types of ramen offered. This was definitely different. I just checked out your blog.. Hope you keep up the great work!! :)