Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's On My Rice - Brown Butter Scallops (Burnt Butter Scallops?)

Ok I won't lie. I seared these scallops a bit longer than I wanted (on one side).. But then again (truly honest) I always enjoyed my scallops either uber melty fresh and completely raw as sashimi and sushi, or well seared and medium firm.

Maybe a schmancy restaurant will make me change my mind in the future..

But until then, I enjoy my pre-frozen mini sea-mignons butter-roasty and easy-tear-apart-flaky.. with a drizzle of Soy Sauce (surprise!?), light citrus squeeze and Flavored Nori.. All of course with a bowl or two of steamy rice.

The Miso Soup pictured was Marukome Crab Flavor. These Instant Miso Soups have really come a long way since when only the powdered kind were available (dang, that dates me).

I had this meal the same day as my first Tofu Appetizer post hence some leftover toasted sesame seeds.. There were though no leftover scallops! :)


Mike said...

I really like the scallop-nori-finger-food idea. And I agree with you on the cook of the scallops - I prefer mine to be nice and firm.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mike thanks for dropping by! Yeah it's like picking a pastry at a shop but eating the whole thing paper and all, he-he. :)