Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot Dogs @ Comerica Park (Were GOOD)

Happy April! It's almost the start of baseball season and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm not a baseball fan, in fact I don't really follow any sports at all. But thanks to this Tigers game last year I was reminded of how great the experience of ball games were and how you really didn't need to be a baseball fan to enjoy one.

The Detroit Tigers played against the Seattle Mariners this day (November 2008). The Mariners brought with them the rain.

Despite this I had a really great time. I actually haven't had a chance to visit PETCO Park yet and I promised myself then to finally do so this year and help cheer the Padres. This post is my reminder of the vow but it also happens to be a way to share the great dogs I had there. (Yes I had two.)

These were Pretty Darn Good.

Grilled to a snappy outer (I love that char) and very juicy inner.. The one they're assembling below is mine. :)

Definitely get them "Loaded" with extra grilled veggies. It was like a Hot Dog Fajita. Doesn't that sound fantastic?

My first experience with American Baseball was at Dodger Stadium some time in the early 90's. It was "towel day" and we each got a small Dodgers towel on our way in. Very fun. I also remember an article in the paper a few weeks before the game about how the famous Dodger Dogs were going away from being grilled to being steamed. A reason for speed and convenience. Dodger Dog purists were not happy and in big disapprovement. I had my steamed Dodger Dog that day and enjoyed it, but knowing I could've (should've?) had the grilled version was a bit of a bummer. Oh well but it now seems like they are available both ways according to Wiki.

A photo I immediately took at the dog stand with my Sierra Mist to preserve the precious moment..

This was also the moment when someone in the background yelled, "Hey Look At That Guy! He's Taking A Photo Of His Hot Dog!!". You can say the exclaimed comment was embarrassing in more ways than one. But you gotta love them Tiger Fans. And I really mean this sincerely where this umbrella of one says it all..

You guys Rock!
When the rain started to really come down I decided to take a walk (and try the other Italian Sausage dog).

Who's on plate and who's winning? Not sure and it didn't really matter to me. I was having a really good time regardless..

And so were others.

More scenes throughout the evening..

The Italian Sausage (loaded of course) that I failed to remember to photograph I recommend even higher than the first. Too busy eating and trying to stay dry. There were no tiger kitty playing in a flower field umbrellas anywhere so I would guess it wasn't an official Tigers memorabilia. :)

Again, can't wait to finally check out a Padres game this year!

I hope the dogs are just as good. But if they aren't, I'm sure I'll still have a pretty good time.

There's always peanuts!

Padres opening game is on April 6th and against the L.A. Dodgers. (Update: I've since visited and can be read about here.)

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