Sunday, May 17, 2009

Errand Run Side Visit - Oki Ton

One blog I enjoy checking out regularly is Singapore based Traveling Hungryboy. On top of the many airline flight meals he documents (which is one of my many food related fascinations) his style is of quick digestible posts on recently had individual meals. They are like light snacks to read themselves.. :)

I'm doing something similar today.

Early last week I needed to go to Lowe's. While my usual lunch option in the area is the IKEA Restaurant I decided to swing by Oki Ton instead. I need to tread the menu waters carefully here but they do have Lunch Specials that are pretty decently priced at least for the type of meals I'm usually in the mood for. A previous revisit here and their entire lunch menu here.

This day I had the Curry Rice ($7.50 with miso soup) and a Pork Chips appetizer ($5).

I had the Pork Chips because one, they sounded incredibly guilty and two, the Curry is not available to be ordered with Katsu (though you can have the curry added to their many Katsu set meals instead).

The rue portion of the curry was a familiar and fairly standard Japanese Curry base but the ingredients of very tender cubed pork, caramelized onions, green bell peppers, peas and carrots made it different and interesting. Kudos from me for that (for whatever it's worth).
The quantity of rice was almost too much for the amount of curry so the sweet Fukushin-zuke and Rakkyo pickles were especially a nice welcome.

The miso soup good as always with my preferred stronger dried fish stock flavor. Though I wouldn't go as far as ordering it a la carte for the $3 listed. However I'm now curious of the "House Special Miso Soup" for $3.75. Asari?

The Pork Chips were really great. The individual sizes varied but the lean fillet meat used was fried extremely tender. The Panko bread crumbs together with some of the little remaining oil had a fresh guilt sweetness to it that I had to ask if it were fried in lard like at Katsu Houses in Japan. I was told regular vegetable oil is used here but the Panko is freshly grated - Nama Panko.

The tonkatsu sauce dip was fairly tart and my wild guess would be Bulldog Brand. Standard issue stuff, but I personally thought a milder Chunou Sauce would go even better. Just my humble opinion.

Still haven't tried their sushi. I guess their giant pig logo just gets me in the mood for something Katsu.. ;)

Oki Ton Japanese Bistro, 2408 Northside Dr, San Diego, CA 92108

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