Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fuji TV Kids Cafe - MAMATOKO

Good morning, it is very early Saturday. If I were a kid I would be directly in front of the television watching shows sitting in meditative Buddha position. One of these kids shows were Hirake! Ponkikki. During my usual browsing through YouTube I found this clip of a visit to Mamatoko which seems to be a Fuji TV sponsored venture of part playhouse, part cafe, and part venue for events for kids and parents.

It somehow made me think of an eatery based on Pee-wee's Playhouse.. Only one can imagine what crazy things they would be serving on their menu!

Anyway, on a side note I'm glad to know that there are many food documenting hobbyists out there. I certainly wished I had a database source to tap into to see and learn what my grandparents or even distant ancestors ate for lunch (or myself as a toddler for that matter).. It seems the new generation of kids will be swimming in a wealth of this documented information. Whether they will care for it or not we'll just have to wait and see.

The video above is from 333amigos. DAVY01700, Pocky02700 and Tsukuda1964 are other channels I frequent with their own endearing styles while Shitemita takes the documenting concept quite literally. Of course we can't forget Tontantin with his collection of now (I just checked) 764 samplings of instant noodles from around the globe and counting.
I dabbled in video in the past with my digital camera's low-res movie capability but I seem to still prefer the method of photography. But to me, they're all good!


meemalee said...

Yay - this is in Odaiba - I'm sooo going when I visit Japan iin July!

Dennis K. said...

Ha, that's awesome! I just might if I were in the area too. You're right about the location, you can see the famous Fuji TV building out the window (but its suspended metal sphere isn't visible).