Sunday, May 10, 2009

Golden Week - Gyozas @ Utsunomiya Min Min, Tsukiji And Yakitori In Kichijoji

Didn't think I'd be posting today since I need to go into work but I remembered my friends G.R.A. had sent me some photos last week during their Golden Week holiday break. If you're thinking posting someone else's vacation pictures on your own blog seems like a strange concept.. You might be right. :)

But by now G.R.A. are my unofficial content contributors. Not a whole lot of description was given to these but they convey a mood and atmosphere that I love and thought were worth sharing.

So this post is meant to be similar to a casual browse through someone's Flickr photo stream (which kinda was my blog's original concept.. initially..).

A stop by a famous Gyoza shop in Utsunomiya.

Most gyozas here in the states seem to be afterthoughts..

But one's from a specialized store I'd imagine must be pretty delicious..

Good enough to be a meal's main dish.. Macro shots are always welcome. Thanks G.R.A.

Then we have a visit to the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market.

A lot has been already written about the place and I can't spend too much time this morning so my usual link to its Wiki article.

Like any good fish market you have your great deals...

This Kaisen-don looks fantastic but so does the Miso Soup!

Looks like an udon/gyudon shop. Below a classic tachigui - an eating style (if you can call it that) while standing..

..A sight you sure don't see a whole lot here in Southern California.

Finally a Yakitori-ya in Kichijoji.

I'm a huge Tsukune fan myself. (Ground chicken with various ingredients.)

Though hearts and liver I can never turn down either. :)

All this reminds me I need to get back on my Yakitori Grill project I started but never finished.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did. And hope your weekend has been a good one.


Brian said...

I've always been a little skeptical about Utsunomiya. Why would some city out in the countryside be famous for gyoza? Is it really worth it? But seems it's true!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Brian! Unfortunately I wouldn't know so myself.. :( But the photos looked good didn't they??!