Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Kaloko Moco @ Island Style Cafe - And Of Course A TCS..

I was inspired in trying the Kaloko Moco at Island Style Cafe for quite a while now.. But knowing it was a breakfast offering at the (at least for me) bit out of the way Tierrasanta strip mall I had managed to put the thought away and forgotten all about it.

Until during this recent overdue lunch revisit.. I was informed that most of the breakfast items were now available all day (with only the exception of the #4). Island Style Cafe's full menu here.

So the decision was an easy one.. "I'll have the Kaloko Moco please.." *grin*

Looking like a good sized tropical island in its own right, the Kaloko Moco meal ($8.95) turned out to be a miniature mountain landscape full of seismic activity.. To me it seemed as though the molten gravy were threatening the spam, ham and onion homes speckled about the savory sweet crepe island.. Run for your lives! ;)

And because of my inevitable role as a play god on this terrarium island of good eats, only I would know that the time of the sleeping yolk lava's awakening in the over-easy eggs were numbered.. The aftershock.

Almost redefining the term Double-Double.. this was a Double Carbs (Fried Rice and Crepes) and Double Protein (Hamburger Patty and Two Over Easy Eggs) colossus. A triple if I considered the brown gravy a sort of Protein/Carb hybrid?

Chunky textured and beefy flavor seems to be the favored personality of beef patties in Loco Mocos I have tried so far and little that I have read. No exception here but I was able to also taste some additional seasonings of a sweetness (teriyaki maybe) and garlic.

The lip smacking and dense fried rice underneath was to be the foundation of the shifting tectonic beef patty and draped eggs. In the rice were small chunks of red Chinese pork chasu for additional protein and flavor. The sweetness of the crepe took a little getting used to but in the end somehow worked like the popular maple syrup infused McGriddle maybe.

For me the miniature island Kaloko Moco and its unfortunate imaginary inhabitants offered a magnitude of a good lunch. And to think it was once reserved only for breakfast..(!)

I had the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich during my first visit some time ago. It was during my (post) SD-TCS findings phase.. Here called the Teri Chicken ($8.95) listed under Burgers and Things..

I knew it typically came with my personal TCS pet peeve grilled pineapple but it was easy enough to ask without which I did while in turn asked for adding avocados (+$1).

The meat despite being a skinless chicken breast (with beautiful grill marks) was surprisingly moist and tender. The teriyaki sauce was not too sweet and nice but I will next time ask for more on the side. The larger cut fries were really great as well where it was the kind with a rough texture on the outer surface. I'm wondering if the texture was from a light dredging of flour.. In any case it was fried beautifully.

There are both Senior and Kid's sections on the menu so it's a natural spot for the entire family.

The various salads seemed to be very popular this lunch hour which is good for me (especially now that I'm on a diet) because most of the offerings I'm particularly interested in here I have to earn my way before by a few prior consecutive lighter meals.. But when I Am finally ready for some Loco Moco I like to do it in style. Island Style.. :)

Island Style Cafe, 5950 Santo Rd, Suite K, San Diego, CA 92124


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I wasn't really sure how that crepe would be with tha gravy and "stuff", but it was pretty good.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk, it was! And I was already impressed at the fact that they were trying something creative and different. I always believed you needed to do something to try distinguishing yourself and ISC does that. Then again I'm probably the worst backseat wannabe restauranteur maybe, haha. Anyway I wish them all the best.

Chubbypanda said...

That Kaloco Moco pic may have finally given me enough reason to drive down to San Diego for a weekend chowdown. Oh baby...

Dennis K. said...

Ha, that's awesome CP! Being somewhat used to the more filler filled but tender Japanese Hamburg, most loco moco patties took some getting used to but I now like them both for different reasons. If you ever make it down don't forget your pillow.. for the post food coma!! ;)

Masa Assassin said...

Im not familiar with Loco Mocos, but the pictures look tasty. Sinful but tasty

Dennis K. said...

Hi MA, nothing hidden here, it tastes as it looks! Definitely sinful..

meemalee said...

I adore the fourth photo - it kinda reminds me of Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas but in a good way!

I really want to try Loco Moco - i guess I could make it myself but I'm too lazy.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks meemalee.. I think the key component to a great loco moco is pure hunger!