Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Megane (めがね) and Kamome Shokudo (かもめ食堂) - The Movies

OOPS, sorry about that if anyone caught it.. Too tired tonight.
I posted one of my many raw work-in-progresses by mistake. If this blog was a laundromat my underwear was in clear view. As an apology I post in its place another work-in-progress patch that I found in panic that I felt was far along enough. Slightly overdue and not a bad timing considering.

So watched the movie Megane (めがね - pronounced me-ga-ne) finally. It was ok.. Lots of great food scenes that I enjoyed but the story and many scenarios seemed a bit too contrived even for a quirky Japanese comedy. I think it's worth watching if you're in the mood for a slow paced movie with lots of yummy meal scenes.

The movie was written by the same author as Kamome Shokudo and I have read that this writer is very into stories of people that live a humble life. Very nice. Here is a link to Kamome Shokudo's official site with now an English page.

I also found the name of the original restaurant that the Seagull Diner - Kamome Shokudo was filmed at on Wiki's page on Helsinki, Kahvila Suomi. Check out their awesome logo on their website! Man, I'm dying for one of their T-Shirts. Anybody traveling to Finland soon?
A few photos on Flickr from lucky yasmin that did. Neat to see they kept some of the window stickers from the film shoot.

The Official Kamome Shokudo blog.

I wonder if Kamome Shokudo like eateries are becoming an underground boom in Japan. A YouTube video I found on a secret report on a KS like eatery in Koenji..

I end with a vid on YouTube of a person's recent visit to Kahvila Suomi..


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