Friday, May 15, 2009

Puma Japan Limited Edition Bento Boxes

Randomly came across these interesting Bento Boxes recently from Puma Japan. Looking them up on google I was surprised to see not a lot written on them especially in English. I got my images here on (Decided to download them for quicker and more permanent uploading.) Another informational link in Japanese here. Quirky English translation by google here.

The little that I gathered in the short amount of time is that it seems these limited editions are only available at their also very limited Black Label stores. The quantities produced are very low but judging by their prices there still may be a chance to purchase them (if you're loaded!)..

The two designs offered are the Ultra Modern and the Traditional. The spherical Alumite processed Ultra Modern (~$500!) was what originally caught my eye.

The Titanium chopsticks are not included and will cost you an additonal ~$150.
Shown disassembled below.

I would guess the single shallow pan is for rice but the two resulting bowls.. Pretty cool but its stability very questionable. They seem to have a false bottom so maybe something was addressed by weights, I can only guess. But I have to say the idea of sipping some miso soup from one of them tickles my interest.. until I remember that it's five-hundred bucks and that I may knock and spill the soup all over.

Above the made for printed Tenugui cloth to wrap your ultra modern lunch box sphere in of the Tokyo skyline. Will cost you another ~$120. Ultra Modernity comes at a price.

I personally preferred this more classic version made with Wappa steamed natural woods. But it seems I won't be buying one of these anytime soon either at ~$230.. I'd rather get a nice Blu-ray Player for that and lots and lots and lots of popcorn with the change.. ;)

I liked the large wrapping cloth design for this bento box much better as well. A colorful bamboo print with hidden pumas scattered about (~$99, ouch).

The three parts. The deep lid to the far right, the main container in the center and shallow false bottomed lid part for it at the left. Note the lips that help create an insulation layer air pocket when assembled with the lid.

The customized chopsticks and chopsticks carrier below. I believe they are made with Chestnut Wood (~$160).

The ring that holds them together also serves as its rest. Aw..

As much as I was fascinated by these, the reasons behind them being produced by Puma were at first a bit strange.. Until I remembered about Undoukai!

An Undoukai in.... Dubai perhaps? Slightly off subject, does Dubai have a Little Tokyo?


Keizo said...

Cool. I want these. There's not a lot written in English cuz that's why you're here. haha. Little Tokyo in Dubai? cousin's gf is from Dubai and she speaks 日本語 better than I do. I'll have to ask her next time.

Brian said...

That Puma Black store... at least the prices are so out there that I couldn't slip up and make a spur of the moment purchase.

meemalee said...

Ha, that's funny - I've been watching this Puma Bento on eBay but those bentos are about a THOUSAND times nicer!

I bet we'll never get them over here :(

Dennis K. said...

Hi Keizo! Seems like more information on them have popped up since I last googled but still nothing in English. My kanji level is about that of a first grader so I try.. Btw, welcome back! What a fantastic trip you had..

Hi Brian, I can totally imagine. I will have to buy a new wardrobe just to match a pair of their shoes, haha.

Hi meemalee, a thousand times the price too! :) Your bento box looks pretty neat. Good luck and hope you don't get sniped!

Keizo said...

Thanks Dennis! Hey do you use Firefox? Then you may find this useful: Rikaichan. I expect full translations now. haha!

Dennis K. said...

Fantastic Keizo! It's going to make my life a whole lot easier now..