Friday, May 22, 2009

Santouka's Limited Time Awase Aji Ramen

Knowing Mitsuwa SD was starting their 16th Anniversary sale today (on until Monday the 25th) and that Kayaba was again participating with their limited time Shrimp Fry set, I swung by the Santouka cashier after picking up a few groceries last night to ask if they were doing anything special as well. There wasn't anything mentioned in the flyers. To my surprise they were and it was going to be the Awase Aji Ramen that I heard about in the past. It sure doesn't hurt to always ask! I just don't know why they were so low key about it. Maybe the decision was made last minute.

Anyhow so I dropped by ten minutes after 11:00AM today (it's my day off if you're wondering why I'm posting mid-day on a Friday) and found myself in a moderate line. The Awase Aji is limited to only 20 bowls a day but a simple headcount including the already seated customers meant I was going to be ok.. :)

This is a small bowl for $6.99 but also comes with a side of rice.

Fyi you'll find a coupon for a free Komi-Tamago (good through 6/30/09) if you pick up one of these San Diego Town magazines now (free by the entrance). :)

Not a whole lot of description is given about the Awase Aji Ramen at the San Diego Santouka so I need to rely on what I read about it so far. "Awase Aji" sort of means mixture of flavors and in this case involves all three Santouka's Shio, Miso, and Shoyu soup bases.

Also some finely shredded Ito (thread-like) Togarashi chili pepper for some additional kick but what really made it for me was the dried fish powder.

I really enjoyed this soup! I really do wished they would include it on their permanent menu as with the Toromi Shoyu.

The single piece of fatty chasu was good as usual and the extra marinated bamboo shoot Menma also nice (which is also unique to the Awase Aji).

What they also did not mention is that the rice is recommended to be added to the leftover soup at the end. *plunk*

Here the extra sesame seeds added yet another nutty "Awase" flavor and I thought it was a really great way to end the meal.

My favorite seat in the house with the best natural lighting was unfortunately taken but I managed to get some decent photos.. Though I'm pretty sure these limited bowls are done for today I (you, we?) still have the weekend and following Monday for another go..
Oh, and do check out the sale too!

And a completely random photo of a very cool beat up VW bug I saw on South bound 163.

Hope you're also having a fantastic day!

Santouka Ramen, 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd (Mitsuwa Market Food Court), San Diego, CA 92111


Saint said...

Oh, I'll be there just in time for the last day of the 16th anniversary sale, I'll have to check it out!

Ramen pictures are making me hungry late at night...

Dennis K. said...

Good think is you probably won't find the lines here that you would in L.A., but good luck!

Anonymous said...

Lucky! You got to try to the 20-bowls-a-day ramen...again! I always think, why don't they just make more?

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB! Yeah like make more indefinitely?? I don't find enough differentiation between their three soups but strangely when they all combine they become a force to be reckoned.. haha