Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Random Ramblings (Untitled Post No. 2)

Another cobbled up post this Sunday before heading into work but I do have a few longer ones coming up eventually that's been incubating in my drafts pile for some time. Looking forward in getting a chance to share them soon.

I finally had my Breakfast Burrito with Over Easy Eggs that I mentioned a while back during my Poached Egg Sandwich meal at Cafe 2121..

Well almost! I was impressed with my neighborhood's El Zarape for even taking my special request (by phone even). The Breakfast Burrito Supreme ($4.75) was a good deal with a massive amount of potatoes, some cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and well rendered Crackly Bacon (yum) that I had also replaced from the usual ham.

The eggs unfortunately were done a medium-well, but I still enjoyed it much more than the typical scrambled. Again it was very cool that they even tried (Roberto's wouldn't). Next time I will make sure they do the yolks runny.

El Zarape, 4642 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

A few Instant Noodles that I received in a care package from my family early this year. My Big Sis couldn't find Ivan's so she sent me these along with some other small requests.

I've since tried Sumire and Seven-Eleven Japan's Best Hits. Sumire's miso was mild and nothing like the slap your face intensity that I had at Mitsuwa SD's Fair some time ago. I took photos and may or may not eventually post on it including Seven-Eleven's which weren't all that either. I'd rather have a classic (Japanese) Cup Noodle in its place any day. Still always fun to try at least once.

Instant Noodles have always been a curiosity for me and I especially like the ones that are remakes of famous Mei-ten Ramen houses (like the few shown above). Mei-ten Instant Noodles are like the die-cast toy model of that favorite classic car you wish you had.. :)
One is fully aware that the quality and flavor would only be a distant shadow of the original.. But for now these shadows are the only connection and experience in my Ramen Allegory Cave which I exist in so I make the most of it. Also I like witnessing creative challenges and what could be more of a challenge than to try mimicking a famous bowl for a few bucks? Not to mention dehydrated and instant-fied.. Instant Mei-ten remakes have a special place in my cupboard like the 1:18 scale '69 Alpha GTV has on my fireplace mantle.

But other times I'm just superficially into the packaging..

All these I picked up at Ranch 99 Market a few months back during my Frozen Sheng Jian Bao trial. I was fascinated by the Astronaut Noodles (my receipt says "T-1 INST NDL-SCIENCE $0.49"). Maybe I'll post about it and some others someday as well. But the packaging.. Oh the adorable packaging.. :)

Lunched at El Borrego a couple times this month. Food very good as always.

I did notice some banners down but hope they're doing well. Parking can be a challenge off this El Cajon Blvd strip. They now have lunch specials of more common Mexican dishes that are not Lamb based. Again an eventual post very soon and I finally remembered to upload their menu which can be found here.

El Borrego Restaurant, 4280 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

Found this Kagome Brand Nikomi Hamburg Sauce at Mitsuwa last week..

Haven't tasted it yet but I purchased one curious to see if it could somehow be used for my eternal quest of re-creating a MOS Burger. Specifically its special Meat Sauce. My updates and posts relating to MOS and my re-creation project can be found here. I know I should try tackling it from scratch but I'm somehow attracted to the concept of - purchase item "A" at your local Asian Market and mix half of content "B", simmer and voila! Without saying so far all my previous tries have been unsuccessful but I'm not giving up yet.

I sometimes struggle with how much private information I want or not want to share on this blog but I'm so excited about these french doors I had put in a few weeks back. Sadly still in its primed state waiting for a final coat of paint for over two weeks now..

The patio needs a lot of work as well but I eventually would like it to be the staging area for future cooking posts. And there's definitely enough space for a Big Kahuna! :)

That's all I have for now.. But thanks for stopping by!


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - More than enough space for a Big Kahuna! You know, I haven't been to El Zarape in ages.....

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk! It's been a while for me at El Zarape myself. They managed to keep the price of the (batter fried) fish taco at $0.99 each though it seems the rest have gone up some not surprising. The salsas where a bit salty this day but overall pretty consistent. I think the Masa Assassin doesn't care for the place but judging by what he's been eating recently on his blog I'd be that way too! haha

meemalee said...

May I share with you two of my silly instant noodle finds - both purchased in a Tokyo ampm?

Shouty Man

DJ Mix

I can't read Japanese so I don't know what the flavours are actually meant to be :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi meemalee, Jealous! The loud dude was (I assume you ate it already?) a macho-fied seafood garlic with thick noodles. The other was in concept a "mixed" (hence the DJ) soba/ramen - tonkotsu garlic oil flavor maybe. Both sound great and thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately stores here carry very mainstream items that they are confident in selling. But worse once in a while I feel they are dumping stuff that didn't sell in Japan (and purchased at a bargain?). I had a really nasty instant Mentaiko Pasta that I'd like to erase from my memory. I plan to warn people of these items in the future.


Masa Assassin said...

Hi Dennis, that burrito gives me a heart attack just looking at it, mmmm guilty pleasures. Its been sometime since Ive been to El Zarape perhaps I should give it another try. I think I was disappointed my taco was drowning in sauce :(

Dennis K. said...

Hi MA! It's the same overly sauced tacos that people either immediately like or not I guess. I haven't commented recently but I've been really enjoying reading your blog! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your special order burrito loveliness. Yes, runny eggs next time!

P.S. The French doors look pimp.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks BB! And one day I will be able to use the word pimp so eloquently as you! One day..